Cork medtech KM acquired by Clanwilliam Group

The Clanwilliam Group has acquired Cork medtech start-up KM Medical Software for an undisclosed sum.

KM Medical Software specialises in cloud-based solutions for surgeons, physiotherapists and many other specialists, as well as clinical outcome software used in a range of specialities such as orthopaedics, gynaecology and neurology.

The company’s expertise in cloud-based technology will complement Clanwilliam Group’s diverse and trusted product range across the UK & Ireland and Asia-Pacific territories. Clamwilliam previously acquired Sligo start-up Socrates founded by Dermot Dolan, now CTO of the Clanwilliam Group.

We were one of the first healthcare companies to adopt what was then emerging cloud platforms

“We are very pleased to start the year by welcoming KM Medical Software into the Clanwilliam Group family of businesses. Innovation is always high on our strategic agenda and KM Medical’s impressive products and technology stack fits extremely well with Clanwilliam’s growth strategy,” said Clanwilliam Group CEO Howard Beggs.

“Our immediate focus is on the clear and exciting synergies between iMedOrtho, KM’s cloud-based clinical outcomes solution, and our NHS Trust and Hospital product portfolio and customer base in the UK.

“As with any of our acquisitions, KM customers can be confident that we will continue to uphold the high standards of service that they are used to while we explore value-adding integration and collaboration opportunities between our various primary and secondary healthcare software solutions,” Beggs said.

Med in Cork

The business was set up by a husband and wife team.

“My wife Mary and I started the business in Cork in 2005,” explained Karuppiah Mahalingam, co-founder of KM Medical Software and also consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Mater Private Hospital.

“We were one of the first healthcare companies to adopt what was then emerging cloud platforms. We initially designed software products to solve the challenges I had in my own orthopaedic practice and the company has continuously evolved since that time. We are delighted by the success of our core product as well as innovations like that of our clinical outcomes software and take this opportunity to thank our clients for their trust over the years, our partners, including Focus Capital, Enterprise Ireland, Cresco for their continued support and my team, led by Andrew O’ Donoghue, who worked tirelessly on these services. Their hard work has been greatly appreciated.”

“We’re very proud to be joining Clanwilliam in creating a digitally connected healthcare environment for medical professionals. We look forward to introducing our products to new customers, in new territories with the ultimate goal of advancing patient care.”

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 4 February, 2020