Dublin’s Klir raises $3.1m to boost global water quality

Irish start-up Klir is setting the global standard for delivering safe, secure water in the face of an industry wide crisis.

Irish water assurance software platform for water authorities Klir has raised $3.1m from leading venture capital firms.

The round included Bowery, Spider Capital and SaaS Ventures.

“Water is now recognised as the number one global challenge facing species”

Klir’s funding will go towards the expansion of the company’s team in its new Nevada headquarters to keep up with growing customer demand.

Klir is an end-to-end water assurance management solution built specifically and exclusively for the water sector. Klir increases customer confidence through helping water providers achieve zero violations. Any Klir module can be implemented in as little as 48 hours in a single integrated platform from one vendor. With a modular approach, you only buy what you need. 

The platform is the first to act as a central and automated hub to reduce the burden of administration and compliance which accounts for over 60pc of all labour effort in a water authority.

Waste not water not

Man in blazer making a presentation.

Klir CEO David Lynch

“Water is now recognised as the number one global challenge facing species,” explained Klir CEO David Lynch.

“The good news is that the people tackling this issue are some of the most incredibly talented scientists, engineers and professionals the world has to offer. Klir will play a critical role in enabling these dedicated professionals solve this problem for generations to come.

“By having partners such as Bowery and Spider Capital we now have the best names in the business advising us on how to scale rapidly. Ultimately, this will allow us to help as many of these dedicated water professionals as possible, as quick as possible.”

In parallel with the new funding, Klir signed five new enterprise customers, designating Klir as the complete system of record for their authorities. The new multi-year contracts span across the US and Canada as well as Queensland authority (Australia) which results in Klir being used to make water safer and more secure for more than 20m people worldwide.

“Water authorities and the broader water market represent a significant untapped vertical software opportunity, an area of focus for Bowery Capital,” explained Loren Straub of Bowery Capital.

“Klir is an exciting addition to our portfolio because it is led by a team of industry experts, passionate and driven by the end user needs. The transformative upgrade to the existing way of working that Klir brings has demonstrated immediate value in the form of time and money savings for water authorities.”

Customer confidence is crucial to the ongoing success of a water authority’s mission and, with Klir protecting this customer trust by making sure all the necessary paperwork and tasks are not missed, water authorities are recognising the value of operating free from worry.

This sentiment was echoed by Dave Johnson of the Southern Nevada Water Authority: “Klir is unlike any technology we have seen on the market before, and their deep rooted knowledge and experience helps us remain compliant in the regulatory environment as we manage diverse permitting processes. The consistent treatment and delivery of high-quality water is critical to our community and our economy, and software like Klir helps us to do that effectively and efficiently.”

Lynch added: “Working internationally with world class water providers, we know the industry is at an inflection point. Smart water is now the standard but software to manage the myriad of systems is completely absent and we have been relying on software from other industries to plug the gap. It was overdue that a group of highly specialised and dedicated water technologists built a product for end to end water management, simply, easily and affordably.”

Main image at top: Klir co-founders Elaine Kelly and David Lynch

By John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 4 February 2021