Are you in retail, food, fashion, farming, manufacturing, music, sport, media or hospitality? Then you should be using Instagram. Here are five firms you can learn from and a beginner’s guide to the world’s top visual marketing platform. 

Vit-Hit – 12k+ followers 

Vit-Hit was started by Gary Lavin because he felt there was a lack of healthy drinks available, particularly for those who want to hydrate after exercise. The company is very active on Instagram. 

Cocoa Brown Tan – 99k followers

Fake tan firm Cocoa Brown was launched in November 2012 and has grown rapidly since then. The company was set up by Marissa Carter, who herself is one of Ireland’s most popular social media influencers. Cocoa Brown has also been promoted by celebrities including Irish model Rosie Connolly and Kylie Jenner, who has millions of followers. Cocoa Brown currently has 98.5 thousand followers on Instagram.

White and Green – 35k followers

Having grown up in County Wicklow, Sari, Rebecca, Danielle and Andrea always wanted to lead an organic lifestyle. After learning of the importance of ethical consumption and driven by their passion for a great night’s sleep, they created White & Green, Ireland’s first and only organic fairtrade cotton bedding products company. 

The tweed project

The Tweed Project – 3k+ followers 

From their base in Galway, designers Triona and Aoibheann created The Tweed Project, a collection of handmade, one off pieces with modern tailoring. The collection is made entirely of Irish fabrics. The Tweed Project is also part of The Slow Fashion movement where fabric, time and craft take priority over trends and fast consumer culture. 

We Are Islanders – 2k+ followers 

We Are Islanders (what a great name) is a luxury fashion brand creating stories of identity and intent through heritage craft and contemporary design. When Rosie O’Reilly and Kate Nolan founded We Are Islanders, they were, and still are, committed to creating unique pieces that are produced locally using only sustainable materials. 

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A beginner’s guide to Instagram for business

There are many ways (and reasons) to use images and short videos to enhance your customers’ experience, and grow your business?

how many times post instagram

Countless business opportunities await on Instagram. The social media platform is a trusted place for marketers to reach highly targeted audiences. How many times should you post? At least once a day is a short answer. Read this.

With over six hundred million monthly users and forty million photos uploaded daily, Instagram has become one of the most influential marketing tools on the planet.

While other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for sharing and promoting content, Instagram offers businesses the opportunity to humanise your brand using photos and videos. 

Below are the reasons why every business should be using Instagram.

100% organic reach

Unlike Facebook, where impressions are restricted by an algorithm, pictures on Instagram reach 100% of your audience. It also means that while you may have a bigger following on Facebook, you are more likely to get meaningful engagement on Instagram. 

facebook live

Social and mobile

89% of mobile media in consumed by people using apps. Instagram is one of the most-used apps on the planet. 

Massive audience

There are over 700 million users signed up to Instagram (as of April 2017), and 70% of Instagram users log in at least once a day. Instagram continues to be the social network of choice for those aged 15-30. 


Hashtags are still most relevant on Instagram. Hashtags can expand your content reach, amplify your brand, target your market, get your content found, improve your SEO, and more. You can add up to 30 tags per picture, and data shows that the more hashtags you use leads to more impressions from customers.


One issue in Instagram’s early days was that it was tough for businesses to measure reach, sessions, or successful content. However, now numerous platforms such as SumAll, Nitrogram and Static can give insights into trending hashtags and photo impressions, so there’s no excuse not to include Instagram in your social media strategy. 


A 2015 study by Forrester showed that when looking at 2,500 brands on social media, Instagram’s engagement rate was 58 times higher than Facebook. People are naturally attracted to and intrigued by images. 

Scheduling content

When Instagram first arrived on the social media scene, one of the biggest factors holding back businesses from using Instagram was the inability to schedule content. However, there are now some tools available for Instagram, including HootSuite and Buffer, which allow you to manage and schedule posts on multiple accounts on multiple networks. 

The chance to go viral

A lot of people would kill to know what the “secret formula” is to go viral. There is none, but the more you use a platform and the more you engage with your followers, the better chance you have. When using Instagram keep it simple and before posting ask yourself one question: ‘Would I find this interesting’. If the answer is yes, post it. If you don’t know the answer, don’t post it. 

Article by Stephen Larkin.

Images from We Are Islanders (main) and The Tweed Project.