Ireland’s best staff booking platform for events

Get the Shifts is a multi award winning temp staffing agency for the hospitality sector. They operate at some of Ireland’s biggest events including Electric Picnic and many more. 

What is Get the Shifts?

Get the Shifts is a tech centric staffing solution that is disrupting the hospitality sector by supporting bars, restaurants, stadiums, festivals and other hospitality events to source quality, experienced staff in their area on demand.

What need are you meeting?

The problem is that our clients need high quality staff for irregular shifts, to combat sick days and no shows and to manage seasonal labour challenges. Historically temp staffing has been approached in a haphazard manner with agencies in a lot of instances sending “a body” to clients. Coming from a hospitality background I knew that this industry was ripe for disruption. We at Get the Shifts have created innovative software that allows our clients to browse and book workers 24/7 with as little as three hours’ notice – One Click, One Invoice!

How did you fund and start the business?

We started the business with a small personal investment and then approached our lovely bank (BOI) and secured a €15,000 loan and an overdraft to get us going.

How did you grow the business and what tips would the give someone looking to grow?

We grew our business by being innovative and providing a quality service. We developed software which is the first of its type in Ireland and our clients can browse and book staff 24/7. Our ‘superstars’ (workers) can accept and decline shifts and manage their own availability through the app also.

My top tip would be to nurture your network, get out and talk to people. Always do the most difficult thing first and cash flow is king.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in growing the business?

Cash flow has been an issue for us as we pay promptly (within a week of the shift) and our clients may have 30 day terms so it has been an issue, however, we have gone with invoice discounting and find that this is a really good way for us to manage our cash.

What (or whom) has helped you most along the way?

I have always surrounded myself with people that I can learn from and this has helped me so much in business. From New Frontiers to the amazing Going for Growth programme, I have met amazing business people who have influenced me. I have an amazing board of advisors that I can go to with all concerns and potential strategies. I think this is such an important step in any business journey. My biggest support comes from my family and my lovely husband.

If you were to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Not a thing, every single mistake has taught me something valuable and made me a better business person. It’s been a great adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.