‘Innovate for Life’ campaign reveals impact of pharma

In an industry-first for Ireland, the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has revealed a new campaign aimed at telling a value story about the impact of medicines in society.

‘Innovate for Life’, an industry-first for Ireland, is a digital-led initiative, organised into three distinct pillars – ‘The Places’, ‘The Patients’ and ‘The Pioneers’. ‘The Places’ captures the industry’s economic impact in communities like Cork and Westport, County Mayo. ‘The Patients’ profiles the human impact of medical innovation told through patients’ eyes. ‘The Pioneers’ celebrates the new science behind the latest treatments and cures.

The campaign, which has been endorsed by IDA Ireland, is captured in a mini-documentary, with six film ‘cutdowns’ and a selection of captioned still images.

“This is an exciting time to work in Irish biopharmaceutical research – and ‘Innovate for Life’ helps to draw attention to the promise of science for better patient care”

“IPHA’s campaign cinematically captures the positive impact of biopharmaceutical innovation,” said Tommy Fanning, head of Biopharmaceuticals and Food at IDA Ireland.

“With the support of IDA Ireland, Ireland hosts all the top 10 global biopharmaceutical companies. Their operations create more than 30,000 direct jobs across manufacturing, research and development, supply chain and global services. About as many more jobs are created by spin-off activity, downstream and upstream. Ireland’s biopharmaceutical industry has a bright future, drawing on a rich tradition of innovation and an enterprise policy environment that can attract and keep significant global investments,” Fanning said.

Places, patients and pioneers

Digital channels, primarily Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, will deliver the content at intervals from now until the end of the year. The mini-documentary will debut at ‘Innovate For Life’, IPHA’s conference on November 21 in Croke Park, Dublin.

For example, it will show the role played by Cork, a thriving biopharma cluster and major employer locally, where many of the industry’s largest players are working on the discovery and manufacture of the latest treatments.

Pharmaceutical innovation stretches along part of the Wild Atlantic Way, including in Westport, County Mayo, where Allergan employs 1,300 people working on medicines for the global marketplace.

The campaign will show patients such as diabetes patient Eoghan Quinn’s recent attempt to solo-kitesurf from from France to Ireland thanks in part to innovation in treatments for the disease. It will also show how psoriasis patient Caroline Irwin is able to lead a normal daily life because medicines are helping her to manage her skin condition.

Innovators such as Pfizer’s Orla Cunningham tells us how her drug discovery group is finding new treatments for unmet medical needs while Takeda’s Jennifer Corbett and Ellen Duggan explain how the cell therapy treatment they manufacture in Grange Castle, Dublin, is helping to fight Crohn’s Disease.

“The campaign highlights some of the innovative science we are working on towards the development of breakthrough medicines,” said Dr Cunningham, senior director of Pfizer Ireland’s BioMedicine Design Group at Grange Castle, Dublin.

“At Pfizer Grange Castle, we combine early-stage discovery research, drug development expertise and scale-up manufacturing under one roof which provides a unique environment to accelerate new therapies to patients. In addition to Pfizer disease research units, we are working across the Irish biomedical research network, in collaboration with Science Foundation Ireland, to explore potential new targets for diseases such as haemophilia, fibrosis, Crohn’s disease and breast cancer. This is an exciting time to work in Irish biopharmaceutical research – and ‘Innovate for Life’ helps to draw attention to the promise of science for better patient care.”

Written by John Kennedy

Published: 4 July 2019