Intel to create 1,600 Irish jobs as it expands for the future

In massive boost to Kildare and surrounding counties’ economies chip giant Intel is investing $7bn in its Irish business in a move that will generate 1,600 tech jobs and 5,000 construction jobs.

Chip giant Intel is to create 1,600 new jobs and more than double the manufacturing space at its Irish operations.

The expansion will pave the way for a new foundry business that will see Intel make chips for other companies.

“It will drive economic growth in the region, creating 1,600 permanent high-tech jobs once complete and over 5,000 construction jobs”

Intel said the major project could generate a further 5,000 manufacturing jobs.

The CEO of Intel Pat Gelsinger outlined the company’s global plans at an online event on Tuesday evening, saying Intel’s IDM 2.0 model will pave the way for it to continue to lead through manufacturing.

A vision for the future

Intel Ireland general manager and vice-president of the company’s Technology and Manufacturing Group, Eamonn Sinnott, in an editorial on the company’s website, confirmed that since locating its technology campus in Ireland in 1989, Intel has invested $15bn in manufacturing capacity, making it one of the largest and most advanced semiconductor manufacturing operations in Europe.

“The current expansion, which in time will more than double Intel’s available manufacturing space in Ireland and Europe, has seen an additional $7bn investment between 2019 and 2021.

“This investment is designed to bring Intel’s latest generation 7nm process technology to the region and expand our manufacturing operations. It will also drive economic growth in the region, creating 1,600 permanent high-tech jobs once complete and over 5,000 construction jobs.

“Furthermore, there will be additional opportunity for investment in the region. As Pat explained, we plan to announce the next phase of expansions to support our new foundry business in the US, Europe and other global locations within the year.

“We have a shared ambition with the EU to deliver state-of-the-art semiconductor technology to Europe and create a more geographically balanced manufacturing capacity. Intel is uniquely positioned to support the EU’s vision for a digital transformation by 2030, thanks to our technology leadership, continuous investment in our manufacturing and development of future foundry capabilities in Europe. Intel values business environments and policies across the globe that encourage investment in semiconductor innovation and manufacturing.

“Our investments here in Europe have created a hub of advanced manufacturing that, coupled with our diverse capabilities across the region, puts us in a unique position to support the EU agenda of securing the supply of advanced semiconductors for the European market and beyond.

“As we grow in Europe, so does our commitment to create a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable future, enabled through our technology and the expertise and passion of our employees,” Sinnott said.

The news was welcomed by IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan who described the company’s plans to invest and further expand its global manufacturing network as “exciting, ambitious and innovative” and said the substantial expansion represents a significant investment that will continue to position the Irish site at the centre of Intel’s European and future global operations.

“The level of Intel’s commitment to Ireland and its impact on the Irish economy has been, and will continue to be, enormous” he said, adding: “The work undertaken at the Leixlip campus is highly complex, and this investment will bring Intel’s latest generation of 7 nanometre process technology to Ireland and Europe. While this investment is very important to Ireland, it is also very important in a European context, and will help to deliver on the EU’s vision for digital transformation by 2030.

“The scale of the investment and the number and types of jobs being created is a huge vote of confidence in the Leixlip campus and is testament to Intel’s continued commitment to Ireland. Furthermore, the company has signalled that there will be an opportunity for additional investment as it plans to announce another phase of expansions in locations including Europe in the next year. I wish Intel every success with this exciting new phase of development in Ireland and globally and look forward to our continued partnership approach.”

The news was also welcomed by An Taoiseach Micheál Martin, who said the company has made an enormous contribution to Ireland.

“Intel’s journey in Ireland has been an extraordinary one and these plans for the next phase of its development will enhance its reputation as a global leader in semiconductor innovation and manufacturing,” said Martin.

“Already a substantial employer in Ireland, with some 5,000 employees, these further new jobs will be most welcome. The government’s mission in the coming months and years is to get people back to work and rebuild our economy, while at the same time ensuring Ireland remains well placed to thrive in the new green and digital economy of the future, with high quality, sustainable jobs. Today’s announcement is very welcome for that reason. I wish Intel continued success with its operations here.”

By John Kennedy (

Published: 24 March 2021