It’s July 2015 and every address in Ireland will receive its own unique Eircode. What is an Eircode and what does it mean for my business?                                                                                 

What is Eircode?

Eircode is the Republic of Ireland’s new database of postcode addresses. Your business Eircode is seven characters in length, divided into two parts – a three character routing key and a four-character unique identifier. For example, the Eircode for’s office  is DO4 C2N4.

Do I need to change my business address?

You do not need to change your business address, you just have to add your Eircode at the end of your current address.

How do I find out what my new Eircode is?

You can use the Eircode finder.

What are the proposed benefits of Eircode?

Eircode’s tag line is ‘Find life easier’. Now that your business has a unique Eircode, it will technically be easier to find delivery and pick-up points.

Other benefits for businesses suggested by Eircode are: the ability to find your customers faster and easier; the ability to prevent duplication on your databases; the ability to use address data in new ways; and the ability to undertake risk assessment and fraud detection based on location.

What should I do to prepare my business for my new Eircode?

Quite a lot is the short answer. Eircode recommends that you carry out an impact assessment of your business’ situation. You will have to answer these questions:

  • What are the business opportunities worth to us? How important are accurate addresses?
  • How much work is required to Eircode-enable our systems? Do we need to adapt all of our systems and databases? What are the likely costs and timescales involved? How will we do this?
  • What other changes do we need to make? What do our customers, suppliers, etc. expect us to do?
  • Do we want to be an early adopter? What options have we got? Can we phase the switchover? How do we prioritise what needs to be done? Can we incorporate any changes into existing planned work?

Sounds like a lot of work, is there anyone we can approach to help?

Yes. Eircode says there will be a list of Eircode providers made available on its business site. This directory of providers will be made available through July and August 2015.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit Eircode’s website or download the Prepare Your Business for Eircode brochure.

July 2015