Irish tech firms in European virtual first for family safety

Two home-grown Irish tech firms HomeSecure and iKydz have formed a pioneering partnership that will protect families both physically and online.

The combined companies’ offering brings together home security with strong cybersecurity for the family through a product called HomeConnect.

HomeSecure is an Irish-owned and operated home monitoring company that envelops homes in a virtual bubble of security that is monitored 24/7 by dedicated professionals. The company was founded in 2014 and employs 40 people. It serves more than 15,000 Irish homes and counting.

“HomeSecure and iKydz are both Irish success stories, so we got talking and formed a partnership that will benefit both companies and open up new markets overseas”

iKydz is a subsidiary of Irish tech company Zyalin Group and in recent years brought out a child safety-oriented smartphone which it debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona two years ago. Its products enable parents to manage their kids’ online activity, including an online app that lets parents easily apply age-appropriate filters and schedules to manage childrens’ use of connected devices like tablets, smartphones, games consoles and smart TVs.

In what they claim is a first for Europe the two companies have joined forces to offer iKydz cybersecurity as a convenient add-on in the form of a wireless router to HomeSecure’s current home monitoring service.

Not only does this bridge the gap between home security and internet safety but the partnership indicates what is possible if more home-grown tech firms in Ireland joined forces to create prodcuts that could have a broader international appeal.

A virtual safety bubble for home and family

A network modem optimised for home cybersecurity.

iKydz and HomeSecure’s HomeConnect wireless router to protect the home.

HomeSecure CEO Colm Daly said that allowing parents to take their childrens’ security into the digital age with an easy-to-use control platform aligns with its offering.

“We are a challenger brand in the market for home security in Ireland and we realised that we need to be peddling faster. We dropped the word ‘alarm’ from our marketing and now we monitor the home and while we create a virtual bubble around the home and protect tangible items, it is important to realise that in this digital age it is also about protecting the family unit as everything moves from physical to virtual. This is not just about home monitoring, it is also about encryption.

“We came across iKydz and realised they were on an identical hardware path to us but they had also developed pretty significant intellectual property and the thought process behind what they have created is amazing.

“HomeSecure and iKydz are both Irish success stories, so we got talking and formed a partnership that will benefit both companies and open up new markets overseas.”

HomeSecure’s customers will be able to access the in-home iKydz service from as little as €5 per month, saving on the usual €99 set up fee for non-customers. iKydz is an intuitive, and effective internet control solution that gives parents the ability to block websites, filter content, and easily view and manage their children’s time online. It works with any internet connected device in the home by using a smart micro-router to provide secure Wi-Fi for all the children’s devices.

“This is a European first to be able to offer an holistic way to protect physical assets and the people within the home on the virtual front,” said Jason Sheehy, director of iKydz.

Sheehy said that the partnership offers a route for both companies to offer a ground-breaking product into the European market. “This is part of the future for where we are planning to bring our business. We aim to have a core focus on fixed and mobile telecoms operators both in and outside Ireland and enable them to offer services to consumers that provide total control over the physical and virtual aspects of their homes.

“This is a complete first for Irish-based tech firms and we are not aware of anyone else offering anything similar.

“We dovetail together on this, it puts us both in a stronger position in the market and we strengthen each of our brands by working together.”

Written by John  Kennedy

Published: 17 July 2019

Child safety online image: MNStudio/Shutterstock