Guaranteed Irish and Digital Business Ireland join forces

Women-led organisations on a mission to help Irish businesses pivot to digital.

Representative body for digital and online businesses Digital Business Ireland (DBI) and the national symbol of trust and provenance for Ireland Guaranteed Irish (GI) have established a new partnership, to share knowledge and insights between members of their respective organisations.

Throughout 2021, as the world battled through the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses became more dependent on ‘local and sustainable supply chains’ and pivoted towards trading online, which initiated the collaboration between GI and DBI.

“We need to boost female representation at board and C-suite level”

The organisations will embark on some shared initiatives to ensure that their combined membership of 8,000 businesses can thrive in the new, post-pandemic global marketplace.

Shared ambition

The female-led representative bodies are keen to emphasise the importance of partnership, in helping their membership to leverage new opportunities, and instigate growth.

“Digital Business Ireland is delighted to announce our partnership with Guaranteed Irish this International Women’s Day,” said Lorraine Higgins, secretary-general of Digital Business Ireland.

“The symbolism of two female business leaders partnering their respective organisations to help to enable and empower businesses in Ireland very much represents our collective ambitions.

“As evidenced by our most recent Digital Insights research, there has been a substantial drop-off in support for Irish businesses in recent months. Now, more than ever, we must initiate targeted campaigns encouraging consumers to consider shorter supply chains and buy from businesses in Ireland online. Working in collaboration, Digital Business Ireland and Guaranteed Irish can help to drive this momentum. Collectively, we can empower businesses to pivot online and embrace digital, while working to educate consumers on the benefits of buying Irish and local”. 

Digital business imperative

With 95% of consumers keen to support local and sustainable businesses (Red C), it augurs well for licensed Guaranteed Irish businesses.

However, as Digital Business Ireland’s most recent Digital Insights research demonstrates, just one out of every four consumers make a consistent effort to purchase from Irish websites, when shopping online.

Evidently, there is a clear need for both organisations to work collaboratively, to ensure that consumers consider Irish websites as a viable option, while encouraging indigenous businesses to enhance their online presence. While many businesses initially pivoted online as a means of survival, it is crucial that the purchasing experience offered matches that of non-Irish businesses.  

“We look forward to collaborating with Digital Business Ireland to encourage start-up businesses here in Ireland, as well as to empower women in the post-pandemic workplace,” said Guaranteed Irish CEO Brid O’Connell.

“We need to boost female representation at board and C-suite level.

“Through our shared ambition to champion both the indigenous start-ups and the multinational firms operating in Ireland, this partnership will help to empower businesses, and entrepreneurs based in Ireland, and encourage consumers to look out for the Guaranteed Irish symbol when they shop instore and online”. 

John Kennedy
Award-winning editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.