College graduates are overlooking Irish companies

Competition for talent between Irish and foreign multinationals are at an all-time high, with Irish graduates favouring roles with multinational companies.

Irish graduates are overlooking Irish companies in favour of large-scale multinationals based on the island, according to new research by Universum, in partnership with

This year more than 10,000 Irish university students from 22 universities, in six main fields of study shared their views on the most attractive career paths and employers in the country.

Given Google’s presence in Ireland, it will come as no surprise that the technology giant came it at the number one spot for both the engineering/IT and business rankings.

The remainder of the top ten for both fields of study is also occupied by many other well-known multinationals with Bank of Ireland being the only Irish company to feature in either top ten list.

The research also found that Generation Z graduates who are starting to enter the workforce expect a 4% higher average salary than their Generation Y/Millennial counterparts.

Engineering and IT graduates have the highest salary expectations, deeming €35,951 to be an appropriate average annual salary for their skillset. This is followed by graduates of business and economics, who expect €34,952 on average annually. Graduates of natural sciences and medicine expect the lowest annual salary, an average of €34,729 per year.

Females who took part in the research admitted to expecting a lower average annual salary across a number of industries, with a 10pc difference in expected salary between male and female graduates in engineering or IT and a 6pc difference between genders in business.

In relation to career aspirations, work/life balance and job security were the top two career goals that both Irish business and engineering/IT talent want to obtain the most in their future careers, as oppose to striving for senior management positions.

Speaking out following the research, Orla Moran, general manager of said, “With Ireland returning to full employment, employers are challenged now more than ever to go the extra mile in their recruitment efforts, and in particular, graduate recruitment. Multinationals have had a transformative effect on the Irish workplace, and they are ahead of the pack in attracting the brightest and best.

“Irish companies have just as much to offer but need to consider how they showcase themselves to candidates. A key part of this is understanding what their point of difference is, where they can stand out from the crowd and most importantly, how they can position their brand among the right cohort of talent,” said Moran.

This research comes as leading Irish online recruitment website,, today announced a strategic partnership with global employer branding experts, Universum. Through this partnership, will offer companies operating in Ireland a range of employer branding services as part of its current recruitment offering.

Written by Stephen Larkin

Published: 22 August, 2019