Google bets on 1,000 scholarships for Irish job seekers

Google reveals new job training initiative in partnership with City of Dublin Education and Training Board and land plum digital jobs in the Irish economy.

More than 1,000 jobseekers in Ireland have the opportunity to achieve Google Career Certificate Scholarships.

The programme is part of Google’s commitment to support Ireland’s economic recovery by offering free tools and training, and is designed to support people in enhancing their skill set to prepare for the jobs of the present and future. 

The certificates will be distributed through the City of Dublin Education and Training Board in collaboration with St Andrew’s Local Employment Services, and will be recognised by industry experts and employers, including Google.

“Technology has been a lifeline during the pandemic; from businesses starting to sell their products online and remote working, to helping us all stay connected”

The courses, designed by Coursera, include IT support, data analyst, project manager and UX designer. The certificates will be helpful to people who are interested in acquiring new digital skills outside of formal educational environments or who might not have access to formal full-time education.

Every business is a digital business

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Pictured (from left): Minister Simon Harris, TD; Chloe Bannable from Ringsend; and Shane Nolan, director, Google Ireland

“Technology has been a lifeline during the pandemic; from businesses starting to sell their products online and remote working, to helping us all stay connected,” said Shane Nolan, managing director in charge of New Business at Google Ireland. “But this has also enhanced a widening skills gap and an upheaval in the jobs market.”

He explained that across Ireland people are turning to Google to ask their most pressing questions about career development and progression with some of the top ranked questions in Search around jobs and skills being ‘How to improve leadership skills?’ ‘How to improve organisational skills?’ and ‘How to develop management skills?’.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, research conducted by Google and The McKinsey Global Institute showed that to ensure job creation, more than 90 million workers may need to develop significant new skills by 2030. The onset of the pandemic has not only accelerated this trend and the shift in the way we work but it has also caused severe disruption of the jobs market, driving many people across Ireland to look for new ways to enhance their digital skills, either by necessity or personal ambition

“We hope that by providing access to training in new skills, Google Career Certificates and our partner, the City of Dublin ETB will support many more people in enhancing their career prospects,” said Nolan.

The scholarships were welcomed by Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris, TD.

“Digital skills are becoming fundamental requirements for the jobs of the future, and we’ve seen how the pandemic has accelerated the need for more people who can work in this area,” said Harris.

“It’s vital that further education and skills training is available to people through programmes that will support them in expanding their opportunities and securing employment. Google Career Certificates is an excellent way for jobseekers to take up free online skills training so they can explore new opportunities or re-enter the workforce.”

Main image at top (from left) Minister Simon Harris, TD with Chloe Bannable from Ringsend. Photo: Maxwells

By John Kennedy (

Published: 29 June 2021