5,000 Irish businesses join GetLocal e-commerce platform

New GetLocal online shopping destination features 750,000 products and services from 5,000 businesses.

Golden Pages has launched a new online shopping destination called GetLocal.ie that makes it easier for shoppers to buy online from local businesses across Ireland.

“Irish consumers deserve and are demanding a smarter online shopping experience, centred around where they live”

The platform is aiming to have 1m products featured on the site in the coming weeks.

GetLocal.ie began on-boarding businesses six weeks ago and is already claiming to be Ireland’s most comprehensive local online shopping destination featuring products and services from over 5,000 businesses with over 750,000 items available to purchase directly from local businesses.

Digital crossroads for Irish firms

VP of Product & Marketing at GetLocal.ie Jade O’Connor has called on businesses across the country to join the platfrom and tell Irish shoppers about the products and services they offer online.

The platform is free to join and a team is in place to help businesses optimise their online store and display inventory on the platform.

A shop front for each business will direct interested buyers to businesses’ own websites to complete transaction or browse further.

“Ireland is at a digital crossroads. In 2020, we saw a tremendous shift to get businesses trading online, supported by Government efforts through the Local Enterprise Offices,” said O’Connor.

“We now have over 30pc of SMEs who now sell their products online. Considering 74pc of Irish consumers recently polled said they would prefer to buy from these local businesses, ‘GetLocal.ie’ is connecting these two groups; the local buyer and the local seller.”

Arriving on the site the online shopper can decide to search by product or by looking at shops selling online locally. Using the slider they can narrow search results to as little as 1km and up to Nationwide because local can mean something different to each shopper.

“Irish consumers deserve and are demanding a smarter online shopping experience, centred around where they live. Platforms like Amazon, Facebook and Google are part of our online shopping experiences and that isn’t going to change,” said O’Connor.

“But too often the purchase journey on these sites ends with a parcel being dispatched from a warehouse in the UK or being shipped from China when there are Irish businesses located close to the consumer with the very same product in stock, ready for online order today and local delivery tomorrow. ‘GetLocal.ie’ wants to make it easier for online shoppers in Ireland to buy from their local businesses.”

By John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 30 March 2021