€750,000 funding for startups

€750,000 in funding will be made available for startups in Enterprise Ireland’s final Competitive Start Fund of 2018.

Up to €50,000 in equity funding will be given to 15 innovative startups.

The fund is open to all industries with a focus on manufacturing, life sciences, and renewables sectors.

The fund is designed to help businesses advance critical technical and commercial milestones.

“This is the eighth and final CSF funding round of this year,” says Joe Healy, divisional manager, high potential startups, Enterprise Ireland. “The CSF provides an initial critical fuel injection to help launch early-stage startups and bring innovative business ideas to an international market.”

Who should apply?

Early-stage projects that can demonstrate that:

  • the product or service has reached a minimum viable product stage, at a minimum, live in beta;
  • the product or service has demonstratable customer validation with (trial and/or paying) customers;
  • there is a fully articulated proposition addressing an apparent gap in the market with market research conducted with customers/potential customers;
  • proper channels to international markets have been identified.

This CSF is open for applications on Tuesday, 18th September and will close on Tuesday, 2nd October.