Four Irish companies, three in Dublin and one in Limerick, have received €50,000 in EU research money to test out their ground-breaking ideas.

The Irish companies were chosen from thousands of EU small businesses that pitched for the large pool of prize money. They are: 

Hibergene Diagnostics Ltd, Dublin, which is developing real-time molecular diagnostic testing for human infectious diseases.

DP DesignPro Ltd, Limerick, which is building a HydroKinetic turbine that will harness the power of the world’s rivers, canals and estuaries in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Endeco Technologies Ltd, Dublin, which is developing smart-grid optimisation to allow widespread use of variable renewables and minimise power blackouts.

Allogen Biotech Ltd, Dublin, which is developing a fast-acting consumer test to detect gluten and other contaminants in food.

The Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

The money comes from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. In all, 185 SMEs across Europe were selected for phase one funding.

Phase two funding will see up to €2.5 million [each] given to selected SMEs that have already developed and tested their product.