What should be in your first aid box?


A first aid box is not optional extra for your business. Every business needs a properly stocked first aid box, according to government health and safety guidelines.                                                    

But what “properly stocked” really mean? Here’s what should be in a typical first aid box for a business with 10 employees or fewer:

  • 20 sticky plasters
  • Two sterile eye pads
  • Two triangle bandages
  • Six safety pins
  • Six wound dressings of various sizes
  • 10 disinfectant wipes
  • Five examination gloves
  • A pocket face mask
  • Two burns dressings
  • A crepe bandage
  • A bottle of sterile water
  • A paramedic shears.

You should regard that list as a minimum. Your business is legally obliged to have a safety statement which will identify particular risks in your business. As a result, different types of businesses may require different additional supplies. For example, if the likelihood of burns is great in your businesses then specialist treatments such as ointments and extra dressings are required.

So you should check that you have a first aid box and that it’s stocked not only with the minimum requirements but other additional supplies.

Don’t be liable

Directors of businesses have certain legal responsibilities when it comes to health and safety. They can be deemed to be personally liable for any breaches in legislation. To find out more, read ThinkBusiness.ie’s full guide: Make health and safety a priority.