Evervault raises $16m to revolutionise privacy

20-year-old Dublin entrepreneur Shane Curran has a vision for the future of security and privacy.

Evervault, the security start-up founded by young Dublin entrepreneur Shane Curran, has raised $16m in a Series A round led by Index Ventures.

Existing partners at Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins and Frontline also joined the round, along with a number of angel investors.

“We’re aiming to distil what GDPR did in 99 Articles down to a line of code”

Founded by 20-year-old entrepreneur Shane Curran (above), Evervault is creating a data privacy toolkit that developers can “bake in” into new products.

In October last year, when Curran was just 19, the company raised $3.2m in seed funding in a round led by venerable Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital along with Kleiner Perkins, Frontline, and SV angel along with some unnamed tech innovators and investors.

From kid coder to tech visionary

When I first spoke to Shane Curran he was an 11-year-old who was able to wax lyrical about how he taught himself to program in multiple languages such as PHP, C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl and Bash. He confessed at the time that he had done his first Linux install at the age of six, and learned basic programming at age 7. In 2017 he stole the show at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition as overall winner when his encryption project using quantum, secure storage, wowed the judges.

Last October he revealed that he flew to San Francisco just before he did his Leaving Cert to pitch to investors.

In a Medium post announcing the latest investment Curran said: “There are now over 4.5bn people connected to the internet, but none of them have true data privacy. We’re building the API for data privacy, starting with privacy cages — allowing software developers to process your most sensitive data in a fundamentally better, simpler and secure way.”

Curran pointed out that Evervault shouldn’t be judged on the funding rounds but instead on the execution of its “grand plan” to build these “privacy cages” and deliver them to specific use cases and grow its customer base.

“We’re building cages alongside specific companies which handle extremely sensitive data — think location data, banking data, payments data, kids’ data, health data and more. If your company fits this criteria, we’d be thrilled to work with you and help you create your first cage.

“We’re aiming to distil what GDPR did in 99 Articles down to a line of code. This is conceptually simple, but operationally complex. If these kinds of challenges are exciting to you, we’d love to chat with you about joining us.”

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 22 May, 2020