Enterprise Ireland explores ingredients of successful exporting

Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices’ latest Export Compass Series addresses the key ingredients to a successful export strategy.

In what is the second Export Compass Series, Enterprise Ireland the Local Enterprise Offices aim to help businesses explore ways to overcome the present economic challenges.

They pose to do so by helping firms to understand overseas business cultures, building digital capabilities for selling, and developing customer, distributor and partner relationships. The webinar workshops will take place between Tuesday 7 September and Tuesday 5 October.

“For the best chance of success, companies must from the outset carefully consider the factors that will influence their export journey and what’s right for their business”

Businesses can find more information and register for the Export Compass Webinar Series here: www.enterprise-ireland.com/ExporterDevelopment

Exporting checklist

Featuring interviews with Irish companies who have successfully exported, Local Enterprise Office and overseas Enterprise Ireland staff, the series will address the key ingredients to a successful export strategy:

  • What is the basis of your export plan? Where in the world might you export to?
  • Who is your ideal customer? Culture and doing business in other countries
  • How to win export customers in a digital world
  • How to finance your export plan
  • Roundtable Q&A with exporting companies and advisors

A world of opportunity awaits

“Ireland is an exporting nation that performs excellently in virtually every market in the world across a range of industries,” said Minister for State Robert Troy, TD.

“We have a wealth of SMEs and start-up companies that have the products and services to export but may lack the know-how on where and how to start on their export journey. The Export Compass Series is an opportunity for these businesses to get simple, free advice from market experts as well as hear from successful exporting companies on their experience and learnings.

Attendance is complimentary for all micro and SME companies that are taking their first steps on their export journey.

“The Export Compass Series is the all-important ‘first step’ for any company even considering the possibility of exporting, or indeed if you’re in the early stages of your export journey,” said Keelin Fagan, head of Central Services Exporter Development and Core at Enterprise Ireland.

“The aim of Export Compass is to inspire more small to medium-sized businesses to look at the opportunities afforded by exporting. Participants will finish with a clear idea of the right place to look for support with their export plan, and how to reap the many rewards available in the export market.”

Learning curve

Emmet Dunne, managing director of web design agency Kooba, will be speaking during the series. “From the first day Kooba set up an office in Germany, it has been a steep learning curve,” he said.

“We are looking forward to sharing this experience and the learnings from our export journey with the businesses attending the Export Compass Series. With Enterprise Ireland’s support, we have secured work on exciting new digital solutions for companies including Decathlon and Holoplot.

“However, for the best chance of success, companies must from the outset carefully consider the factors that will influence their export journey and what’s right for their business. We look forward to sharing our experience.”

John Kennedy
Award-winning ThinkBusiness.ie editor John Kennedy is one of Ireland's most experienced business and technology journalists.