Why do so few people in Ireland drive electric cars?

There are amazing incentives for people in Ireland to buy electric cars. It seems like a no brainer. So, why are so few electric cars on the roads?

There are many reasons why Ireland is a good country to own and drive an electric car.

  • The government support to buy one is excellent. There are very generous tax and grant incentives. You can get €10,000 in total and there is no cost to you when you recharge using the public network of charge points.
  • The size of the island. Ireland is small and most journeys are within the range of EVs.
  • The majority of people live in a few urban locations. According to the 2016 Census of Population, some 63% of Irish people live within urban areas and the figure is growing. Electric cars are ideal for around town driving.
  • There are 1,200 public recharging points across the island of Ireland.
  • Ireland’s mild climate is suited to electric cars and moderate battery use.
  • A relatively high degree of home ownership in Ireland means that many people in Ireland have the space for home charging points.
  • A growing proportion of our electricity needs are being met from renewable sources (around 27% in 2015), which means that people can re-charge EVs while reducing CO2 emissions.
electric cars in ireland

So why are less than 500 electric cars bought in Ireland each year?

Download this brilliant white paper by Sean McBrien to find out why so few people in Ireland have adopted an electric way of driving.