€350k investment a secure bet for Kildare-based Novi

Irish tech firm Novi makes a calculated cybersecurity bet that will help businesses reduce insurance costs.

Cloud IT player Novi has launched its new Novi Cybersecurity Essentials Bundle after investing €350,000 to develop the service.

The bundle enables Irish businesses to achieve globally recognised Cyber Essentials Certification which can help to reduce the cost of business insurance premiums.

“While SMEs in particular may be experiencing difficult times, unfortunately, the cyber risks they face haven’t gone away”

Novi expects to generate additional €500,000 revenue over the next 12 months from the launch of package of services.

Novi was recently acquired by end-to-end communications provider Welltel for €3m, but continues to operate as a standalone brand.

The fundamentals of cybersecurity in the 21st-century

The company’s investment in developing the bundle includes technologies, accreditation and advanced employee security training.

The Novi Cybersecurity Essentials bundle includes firewall protection, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

These basic measures help to prevent 80pc of known cyber-attacks and businesses are capable of building upon this foundation with further advanced security controls specific to their industry and needs.

A Cyber Essentials Certification is understood to be the only globally recognised certification scheme for baseline IT security controls, giving assurance to the wider industry and interested parties that the certified organisation is applying key levels of IT security to address the threat of cyber-attacks.

Kildare-based Novi expects to drive more revenues from its Cybersecurity Essentials Bundle as more organisations seek to combat the ever-increasing volume of cyber threats.

“Covid-19 and the necessary restrictions that have been imposed, have had an impact on every type of business,” said George O’Dowd, managing director of Novi.

“While SMEs in particular may be experiencing difficult times, unfortunately, the cyber risks they face haven’t gone away. In fact, cybercriminals are stepping-up their level of attacks to target remote workers who may not have the same levels of protection on their home devices. In this context, a data breach could be catastrophic for already struggling SMEs.

“To address these worries, we developed a suite of cybersecurity services that can immediately improve the resilience of a business’s network. The Novi Cybersecurity Essentials Bundle implements standard levels of control that every company should have in place. Crucially, every business who avails of the services can receive a Cyber Essentials Certification as proof of their efforts to mitigate risk for employees and customers.

“As well as helping to prevent a data breach occurring, implementing a recognised best practice framework, like Cyber Essentials, reassures customers, insurers and investors that your business prioritises security. The controls that this certification covers align closely with Novi’s IT security strengths and by working with us, businesses can focus on their core objectives safe in the knowledge that their systems are protected against the most common cyber-attacks,” O’Dowd added.

Pictured at top: George O’Dowd, managing director of Novi

Written by John Kennedy (john.kennedy3@boi.com)

Published: 12 August, 2020