Galway-based start-up DigiTally impresses at investor showcase

Galway-based start-up DigiTally shone at yesterday’s NDRC at PorterShed investor showcase and even earned follow-on investment.

Galway-based start-up DigiTally shone at yesterday’s NDRC at PorterShed investor showcase, impressing the judges enough to earn €30,000 in follow-on investment.

DigiTally, founded by Patrick McDermott and Artur Leonowicz, is a software platform that enables management of multi-site food businesses to make faster decisions and improve gross margins through using a single, tailored dashboard to manage the sales cycle of fresh, perishable produce.

This improved decision-making ability assists management in accurately identifying the highest and lowest performing sites. It reveals what issues are occurring and where, who requires additional support and monitoring, and which sites to learn best practice from.

DigiTally saw off competition from six other exciting businesses on the day, covering industries such as retail, healthcare, green energy and tourism.

“In this third accelerator programme at PorterShed, we saw the strongest cohort to date. Standards were very high,” said Ben Hurley, CEO of NDRC and one of the five investors acting as judges at the Investor Showcase.

“DigiTally was chosen for a number of reasons. It is very close to market, and it is very proximate to scaling. It is ready for investment today, in that we can see the impact that immediate investment would have on the company. It’s a product-driven business that can scale, and it operates in an area that has great scope for technological solutions to problems. This latter point is made clear by the fact that DigiTally is already solving acute problems within the fresh produce industry.”

The other judges on the day were Enterprise Ireland’s Gillian Slattery, Niamh Sterling of HBAN, Sure Valley Ventures’ Barry Downes and Dermot Berkery, of Delta Partners.

Based in the PorterShed in Eyre Square, Galway, this initiative is a collaboration from Enterprise Ireland, NDRC and GCID (Galway City Innovation District) and aims to drive the growth of digital start-ups nationally.

“Congratulations to DigiTally. We look forward to helping this exciting business grow to greater heights in the coming months and years,” said Maurice O’Gorman, GCID chairman.

This was the third NDRC at PorterShed accelerator programme, having previously emerged as a partnership under Enterprise Ireland’s Accelerator Development Scheme, beginning in 2017.

Since then, a total of 22 companies have come through the accelerator programmes, with these early-stage businesses having already secured approximately €1 million in follow-on investment.

The previous businesses to win investor showcases in PorterShed were Appraisee, which provides digital appraisal software used by car dealerships, and PlanDomino, a productivity tool designed for the laboratory market.

Written by Stephen Larkin

Published: 11 October, 2019