CWSI forecasts extra €2m revenue as cyberattacks rise

CWSI devises service to help Irish businesses to combat the rising volume of cyberattacks targeting remote workers.

Irish mobility and security company CWSI is launching a new managed security service from which it expects to generate an additional €2m revenue over the next 12 months.

The service is designed to help Irish businesses to combat the rising volume of cyber-attacks targeting remote workers and VPN vulnerabilities as Covid-19 has accelerated working-from-home.

“The last number of months have seen unprecedented advances in digital transformation with a move to home working”

In the last two years, CWSI has invested more than €1.5m in its Microsoft practice on training, competencies, marketing and new staff. The investment includes growing the CWSI engineering team, training, developing key Microsoft Gold and Silver security and mobility competencies and joint marketing activity with Microsoft. 

These investments laid the foundation for the launch of the Secure365 Managed Service.

The new fully managed service is designed to reflect modern workplace practices and the evolving security challenges facing organisations today. In addition to the increasing complexity of IT and sophistication of cyber-attacks, businesses are ever more reliant on the cloud, with data and applications increasingly accessed from outside the corporate network.

Covid-19 has accelerated these trends, driving a spike in demand for remote access and leading to Covid-19 themed cyber-attacks that target VPN vulnerabilities and take advantage of evolving employee behaviours and workstyles.

Covid-19 accelerated digital transformation globally

“The last number of months have seen unprecedented advances in digital transformation with a move to home working,” said Ronan Murphy, CEO of CWSI.

“Microsoft has been at the heart of this transformation globally and we have been committed to ensuring our customers have the tools to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with a mobile-first world. Our newly launched managed service is built upon our Microsoft expertise, mobile heritage and specialist security focus and will enable businesses across Ireland to not only become secure; but stay secure as technologies and threats continue to evolve.

As a result of its work and investment in helping Irish businesses to secure the modern workplace, CWSI was named as the Microsoft Ireland 2020 Partner of the Year for Security and Compliance at Microsoft’s annual Inspire conference. CWSI was recognised for its ability to help businesses accelerate their adoption of modern working and security practices – beginning with raising initial awareness of Microsoft’s security and compliance features in the Irish market through to fully enabling advanced features such as cloud app security.

“CWSI are a triple Gold Microsoft partner and this award is testament to their Microsoft partner investment and their best in class security and compliance expertise,” said Aisling Curtis, commercial director, Microsoft Ireland.

“CWSI have supported our customers to transform their modern work practices while critically ensuring that their businesses stay protected. Keeping your business secure and compliant is increasingly important given the significant accelerated pace of digital transformation in recent times. We look forward to strengthening our partnership further with CWSI over the coming years.”

Murphy added: “Our recognition by Microsoft is a welcome acknowledgement of CWSI’s depth in security expertise. As we continue to enhance our managed service offerings, we are greatly looking forward to the next chapter of our partnership and growth.”

Pictured at top: CWSI founder and CEO Ronan  Murphy

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 17 August, 2020