Cork County Council invests €500k in IT security roll-out

Cork County Council is implementing a new advanced security and network system as part of a €500,000 deal.

Cork County Council has awarded a deal worth €500,000 to roll-out an advanced cybersecurity and network system to Irish company Paradyn following a competitive tender.

Paradyn will provide security operation centre (SOC) as-a-service and network support to the council to help mitigate cyber risk for the local authority.

“The nature of cyberattacks has evolved to a point where reactive security measures alone are not enough”

The company’s new security operations centre will use cutting edge security technology and 24/7 monitoring to help to protect all users who connect to the council’s vast network. These include anyone connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots in public libraries or local council offices, as well as all council staff throughout the county.

Post-Covid security fears

“The nature of cyberattacks has evolved to a point where reactive security measures alone are not enough,” explained Eileen Kelly, Cyber and IT Security Programme manager at Cork County Council.

“The proactive network monitoring provided by Paradyn enables us to keep a close eye on incidents on our network so we can identify issues before they have time to cause potentially huge financial and reputation damage.

“Cybercriminals often target their attacks in out-of-office periods and it wasn’t feasible for us to internally monitor our network around the clock. Paradyn’s SOC-as-a-service means we have a cost-effective, 24/7 cyber defence in place. Our IT team can instead focus their efforts into enhancing the quality of our online services and user-experience for staff and members of the public right across the county.”

Paradyn’s provides local and wide area networks (WAN) for Cork County Council, connecting its central office to its 100 regional office locations, as well as public libraries, fire stations and civic amenities throughout the county. The cybersecurity solution will help to protect users across one of the biggest wireless networks in Ireland.

“By implementing global best practice controls, Cork County Council has taken a responsible and holistic approach to their security set-up,” said Paul Casey, chief operations officer with Paradyn.

“We’ve helped the council to navigate this journey to a robust level of IT security that will benefit all those who avail of the council’s services, as well as every employee using the council network daily. Our advanced cybersecurity support is ideally suited for local authorities. We will seek to implement this solution and emulate the strong example laid out by Cork County Council with other councils throughout Ireland.”

Pictured pre-Covid (left to right): ileen Kelly, Cyber and IT Security Programme Manager, Cork County Council; and Paul Casey, Chief Operations Officer, Paradyn

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 2 October, 2020