The one minute interview – Colin O’Mahony, VRTours

Virtual Reality is now mainstream and has many business applications. Colin O’Mahony, MD of VRTours says hospitality and retail businesses are already using VR to drive sales.

colin o'mahony vr tours

What is your business?

I own and run a 3D VR tour and property photography business. We create 3D virtual reality tours of properties and places.


3D VR tours are one of the most immersive and convincing sales tools you can use.

How does it work?

Firstly I have to say this is not 360 photography. 3D VR is on a different planet to 360 videos. People often confuse the two.

3D VR allows a customer to experience a place in a way that virtually ‘beams them in’.

For example, we did a VR tour for the Butler & Barry gastro bar in Bray. Customers can take a VR tour and even book a table from within the video. [Experience the tour here.]

What other sectors use VR?

Hotels, retailers and property sellers are our other main clientele.

We did a VR tour with Faithlegg hotel in Waterford for its wedding customers. It allows the bride and groom to virtually visit the hotel and see what the rooms would look like on the big day.

In the property sector, we create virtual tours of houses and office buildings. This means hundreds of people can tour the properties easily from their home. The clients we have worked with find VR a useful sales tool.

What does it cost to buy a VR tour?

Typically, for example, if someone was selling their house it would cost €495 for them to create a VR tour but they will also get photography, floor plans and the YouTube video for that price. 

What else can VR Tours do?

We can integrate your VR tour with Google Street view. This is very appealing to businesses targeting tourists. The tourist can virtually ‘visit’ the town or street and the ‘walk into’ your store or restaurant or bar and experience what you have to offer. They can even make reservations. A 3D tour immerses visitors so they can get a better feel for the scale of the place.

What’s next for VR?

I think VR shopping will be huge. People will be able to pop on headsets in the comfort of their homes and travel to famous stores all over the planet and buy goods and services.

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