CivicQ and the way we view public opinions

Vanessa Liston from CivicQ was the recent winner of the Enterprise Ireland HPSU Sprint Programme pitch competition held at the Guinness Enterprise Centre. The aim of SPRINT is to help founders develop the skills needed to build a successful business.

CivicQ is a startup that looks at new ways to structure and visualise public opinion. The service can improve engagement between voters, governments and organisations on public issues.

Vanessa Liston holds a PhD in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are democratic theory, Web 2.0 and emerging technologies for enabling innovations in political systems. 

CiviQ’s products and services are based on “recent ground-breaking innovations in deliberative democratic theory”.

Clients of CivicQ include the European Commission; Cork City Council; the Department of Health; Innovate Dublin and Irish Water.

Below is a video of Vanessa Liston presenting to the World Forum for Democracy.

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