Camile Thai and fintech Strike to enable contactless tipping

Brody Sweeney’s fast-growing restaurant chain Camile Thai Kitchen is working with Irish start-up Strike to enable contactless tips for food deliveries.

Innovative food chain Camile Thai Kitchen has forged a partnership with Strike, a patent-pending innovation in cashless and contactless tipping for customers to respond to the Covid pandemic.

The news comes just weeks after Camile Thai announced 300 new jobs as part of an expansion plan that also included plans to enable drone deliveries of food in Ireland and the UK.

“The pandemic has definitely accelerated the move to a cashless society”

The new digital feature, developed by Strike, gives Camile guests the option to tip their delivery driver directly and contact-free once their Camile Thai order has been successfully delivered to their doors.

Strike tips the balance

Two men sitting on steps.

Strike founders Oli Cavanagh and Charles Dowd

“Customers like to give recognition. Before the pandemic, a lot of orders were cash and our customers tipped our drivers directly in cash,” said Sweeney.

“Our Camile driver network appreciates being rewarded for good service, especially personally from our regular guests. Tipping is an expression of thanks, appreciation and recognition. However, Covid altered things dramatically and both drivers and Camile guests are nervous and cautious about handling cash. The pandemic has definitely accelerated the move to a cashless society.

“Our dedicated network of drivers have been working hard to keep everyone safe over the past 12 months. We’ve been looking for a tipping solution for both our customers and our drivers. We are extremely proud to partner with an Irish startup like Strike who helped us to devise a frictionless digital tipping solution for our guests and our delivery team. The system has been tested successfully by our branches in Dublin and will be rolled out across all our Camile branches in Ireland over the next few weeks,” Sweeney said.

The customer simply taps their phone off a Strike tag or scans the Strike QR code on their receipt and tips with Apple Pay or Google Pay and the delivery driver receives the tip directly via Strike.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Camile to offer Strike’s cashless tipping in direct response to the demise of cash since the Covid pandemic,” said Strike founder Oli Cavanagh.

“Most people don’t carry cash anymore, but people still want to reward good service. We brought back tips for the drivers and they’re seeing nearly double the volume of tips now. With our solution for Camile we also noticed that customers often tip hours after the delivery, even on the following day. This was a nice surprise. Drivers often don’t even realise they were tipped until they check their Strike account.”

While the past year has been difficult for the hospitality sector, Sweeney said that Camile Thai’s suburban delivery model has proven to be pandemic-proof.

“This has enabled us to not only push forward with our aggressive expansion plans, but has also accelerated transition to a key goal – our tech pivot,” said Sweeney.

By John Kennedy (

Published: 22 March 2021