#ThinkSandyford – 10 reasons to set up business in Sandyford

In the first of a series on Ireland’s best, and rising, business districts, ThinkBusiness examines Sandyford in South County Dublin. Why is Sandyford a good place to run a business?

1: Sandyford is a pro-business location

There are significant plans to increase the commercial floor space in the district, the number of people working there and the number of homes in the area. The Sandyford urban framework plan sets out the aims for the Sandyford business district. Sandyford is an energetic, pro-business district with many supports for firms in the area, and those moving to the area. 

2: It’s a central, easy-to-access location 

The district is within 20 minutes of the city centre by tram (LUAS). Centrally located in South Dublin, there is easy access to the M50 motorway, an artery to all of Ireland’s cities and a direct line to Dublin airport. 

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3: Financial supports and state supports

If you are moving from another country to Sandyford to start a business or grow your business, you should read what Enterprise Ireland has to say.

Fintan McGrogan, the manager at Bank of Ireland in Sandyford, says businesses in his area can avail of determined support. “We have extensive industry experience at all levels whether the customer is looking for credit facilities of €500 or €10m we can have an educated conversation with a business at a moment’s notice. We are readily available by email, phone or in the branch to sort out any issues. We are knowledgeable, experienced and available to the Sandyford business community which is not something replicated in any other bank in the area.”

4: Sandyford is a SMART region

The Sandyford Business District is a designated SMART region, meaning businesses that locate there will benefit from a network of intelligence, the best technological infrastructure and a highly-educated workforce. As a business owner you will have access to:

  • The European market, the world’s most valuable marketplace with over 500 million consumers and a GDP of €12.3 trillion.
  • The euro currency.
  • An English-speaking workforce.
  • An educated workforce (over 50% of Irish workers have a university degree. The EU average is 29%).
  • Tax benefits – a 12.5% corporation tax rate plus tax credits of 25% for research and development.

5: Talent and an educated workforce

The Sandyford Business District is located within thirty minutes of many of the country’s best schools and universities. Employers in the District have access to thousands of the world’s top graduates.

•    64% of Sandyford residents have completed the highest level of education available to them.

•    54% of Sandyford’s population is under 35 years of age.

•    Ireland is first in the world for the flexibility and adaptability of its workforce.

•    Ireland is first in Europe for third level graduates. 

6: The Local Enterprise Office – support for SMEs

The Local Enterprise Office, or LEO, for Sandyford is a ‘first stop shop’ for business people seeking information and support to start and grow a business in the area. It should be the first port of call for SMEs looking to move to Sandyford.

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7: Your business can save money

If you become a member of the Sandyford Business District, you can enjoy cost savings from some much-need suppliers. More details are here. 

8: Mentoring and networking

The SBDA (Sandyford Business District Association) provides its members with many support services including:

•    Lobbying 

•    Networking

•    Access to its database of members

•    A platform to promote your business to other members

•    Invitations to events

•    Notice about development plans in the area

9: Health, retail and leisure facilities 

The first-class Beacon Hospital is in the heart of the district and the Blackrock Clinic, a world-renowned private hospital, is a short drive away. 

The large and stunning Marley Park is on the doorstep of Sandyford, as are the Dublin hills and the South Dublin coastline. For shopping, there is an array of local stores and the award-winning Dundrum Town Centre is minutes away by car or by LUAS. 

10: It’s a great place to live

Sandyford sits within walking distance of the mountains and the sea. The residential areas nearby are surrounded by some of the best leisure spots in county Dublin. The region provides a wealth of amenities for active people and families. Read more.