Mapping Irish broadband

Geographic information system (GIS) specialist Esri Ireland has implemented a new digital mapping system for telecom network builder KN Circet.

The solution has led to a 20pc reduction in the time taken for KN Circet engineers to complete network works, helping to speed up fibre broadband rollout nationwide.

“The entire KN Circet team has been blown away by the functionality and benefits of Esri’s digital mapping technology,” said Greg Mullen, head of Planning and Design and KN Circet.

“It allows us to monitor the performance of contractors and KN Circet teams more accurately and has moved us beyond slow-paper based processes in the design department; increasing productivity and saving costs on needless administration.

Network powerhouse

KN Circet, which was founded by entrepreneur Donagh Kelly and which earlier this year merged with French company Circet, is opening a Design and Innovation Hub in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, housing a dedicated team using Esri’s ArcGIS platform to co-ordinate projects across Ireland and the UK. The company is aiming to create 50 new jobs which will be based in the hub in the coming year.

Field-based teams can now use smartphones and tablets to log data on-site, with this information immediately available to view and act upon in KN Circet’s Design and Innovation Hub. The application enables engineers to record each element of infrastructure upgrades and works with a high level of accuracy. KN Circet’s customers can also receive real-time progress reports, through a view-only mode on the app.

This improved availability eliminates the costs associated with unnecessary administration tasks, such as the reduplication of data, and allows staff to make better informed and faster decisions. Safety is also greatly enhanced, as potential hazards encountered in the field can be flagged through the app. For example, teams can use the multiple network layers on the app to view the location of electrical power lines before beginning any excavations.

“KN Circet is a highly successful and growing company working on major projects across Ireland, the UK and internationally,” said Dermot O’Kane, head of Sales at Esri Ireland.

“The demand for fibre rollout is huge and we are very excited to see the continued impact our applications will make on the efficiency of these projects’ delivery.”

Pictured above: Dermot O’Kane, head of Sales, Esri Ireland; and Greg Mullen, project manager, KN Circet

Written by John Kennedy (

Published: 6 December, 2019