Bank of Ireland supporting sustainable community financing

Bank of Ireland is running free workshops starting from September and running until November supporting community groups in their financial sustainability.

Bank of Ireland will continue to support businesses and community groups across Ireland by running free workshops on sustainable finance from September to November.

Every day, community organisations, big or small, are faced with the question of their financial sustainability. Funding cuts and increased demands on services are common problems that influence the ability to sustain your organisation.

It is important to look at funding and income holistically rather than focusing on finding a silver bullet solution. The challenges are universal, but the solutions should be tailored to your needs.

This workshop will provide you with a process and tools to adequately asses your own particular situation and come up with a funding model that is stable, suitable and sufficient to your needs.

Bank of Ireland’s purpose is enabling customers, colleagues and communities to thrive. As part of this, the bank are working with The Wheel to support the delivery of a number of free workshops in selected Bank of Ireland locations in autumn 2019. These workshops are aimed at local community groups and leaders in helping them develop a more sustainable funding model for the future.

To register an interest in these workshops or find out more about when and where they are taking place, please click here.

Written by Stephen Larkin

Published on 7 August, 2019