ActionPoint’s co-founders on how to thrive

From struggling dotcom graduates to globe-trotting entrepreneurs, the story of ActionPoint is worth hearing.

Hosted by Pat Carroll – the Bank of Ireland innovation community manager for Limerick and the Midwest – this StartupGrind featured local organic-grown success story, ActionPoint.

Co-founders David Jeffreys and John Savage shared their story from struggling dotcom graduates to leading Irish technology entrepreneurs.

Below are the video and the podcast of the full interview as well as the key takeaways (written) from the discussion.

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Five great growth insights from the co-founders 

1. “Degrees and experience are useless if you can’t work and communicate with people.”

David and John are quick to point out that without the personality and skills to motivate and lead people, they wouldn’t have got the company this far.

2. “Keep the team happy, and you’ll keep your customers happy.”

Your team are often your company’s primary touch points; a motivated employee perpetuates a motivated organisation which creates a memorable customer experience.

3. “You need to align your head, heart and gut.”

David Jeffreys on the formula for recruitment success.

4. “Enjoyment and motivation are directly proportional.”

Staying motivated is about experiencing enjoyment in what you do; the trick is to find the intersection of what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at and what people will pay you for.

5. “Future industrial environments will be powered by Augmented Reality (AR).”

John Savage highlighted that ActionPoint is already starting to explore AR with existing multinational clients in manufacturing.

One practical application for HoloLens is in the area of predictive maintenance, which as the name suggests enables factory owners and operators to repair and maintain mission-critical systems before a breakdown occurs. HoloLens transforms the factory floor into a visual dashboard highlighting the data that’s important to keep your factory operational.

jason cohen

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Article by Peter Hunt. 

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