The best apps for business

Every business owner knows how difficult it is to get up and running. One of the biggest issues is time, or the lack of it. With so much to do, it is important that you get the maximum benefit from all your investments, and that includes your smartphone or tablet.

As a business owner, there’s not much point in merely downloading the likes of the Facebook and Angry Birds apps to check out on your downtime. Your smartphone or tablet is a valuable resource for business, and there is a wealth of business apps out there that will make your life easier, and your business more streamlined.

Here are some of the best business apps for both iOS and Android you can get, for free unless otherwise stated:


This is by far the best and most popular business networking site, and its app is a must-have for business owners, particularly those who are hiring.


This app lets you access all kinds of files, including photos and documents, from many devices. If you are dealing with large amounts of files that ned to be circulated, this is the app for you.


Note-taking is made easy with Evernote. With this app, you can take notes on any device, and access them from any other device. You can also use voice-recording.

Facebook Pages Manager

Track your Facebook business activities with this handy app.


Hangouts lets you organise conferencing sessions with others at the drop of a hat. Up to ten people can join in on a session.


The premium social media management tool, Hootsuite lets you access three social media accounts for free from a single app.


This is the Dropbox for bigger businesses, with 10GB of space.


This app allows you to mark documents and photos with whatever notes you want.


This app lets you organise to-do lists with ease, and lets people leave comments as well. This is perfect for small teams.


This lets you schedule a time to send and receive emails, and works with most of the main email accounts.


An app that can take a picture of a business card and automatically save it into your contacts.


Reminds you when you should interact with a business contact again. You can determine the settings.


Excellent advice and business forum, mostly in a Q&A format.


This app provides a centralised password manager for a range of devices, and is handy if you are looking to protect sensitive information without spending money.


This is a calendar app that pulls directly from LinkedIn so you can see the profile and picture of the person you’re meeting.


An app that acts as a communication hub for your team, allowing for chat functions between users.

Documents to Go

Lets you create, edit and share files in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. From €10.

Microsoft PowerPoint

A useful app to access and create presentations that works well in this format.

Google Drive

Centralised place where you can access, create and edit Google Docs. You can also work offline with this app.